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eSK.ECP - worktime registration system

eSK.ECP is a professional system for time record. The system allows you to quickly quantify the time spent by the employee. The real reduction in base salary employees across the enterprise. Easy integration with any billing system in force in the client company. Flexibility to customize solutions to a wide range of customer needs. The system shall include, inter alia, the specificity of the working time of medical staff. The system allows scheduling and accounting work, with automatic charging overtime and night to check the timetable in relation to the existing labor laws.

eSK.ECP system also is used to determine:
- Employee work schedules during the month, specifying hours of work,
- Determine the hours worked,
- Demonstrate at night
- Determining overtime hours,
- Determine the hours worked on holidays.
- Management and employees with different kinds of contract,

eSK.ECP system has:
- Module manage users and their privileges in the system,
- Reporting module: individual time cards, overtime and allowances of the statement,
- System integration module FK
- Management Module graphics staff
- Real-time management module of work.

eSK.ECP system has documented the implementation of the entire country.