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eSK.ECP - timesheet system

System eSK.ECP is a professional system for timesheets. The system allows you to quickly determine the dimension of time worked by the employee. Real shorten billing salary workers across the enterprise. Easy integration with any billing system in force in the client company. Flexibility allows you to customize the system to a wide range of customer needs. The system takes into account, inter alia, specific time medical staff. The system allows for scheduling and billing job, auto accrue overtime and night can control timing in relation to the existing labor laws.

Dla kogo system eSK.ECP?
- eSK.ECP HOSPITAL – for hospitals and health care institutions,
- eSK.ECP PRODUCTION – for manufacturing companies,
- eSK.ECP TRADE – for traders,
- eSK.ECP FIRE BRIGADE – for fire brigades,
- others…..

The system is able to eSK.ECP register time also in companies with different characteristics, where the measuring is unique and uncommon

System eSK.ECP equipped with the following modules:

- Module plan and record real-time - creating schedules and records real-time with a readiness and calls for work, records of absenteeism and overtime,
- Module home – planning and recording of leave,
- Module INTELLIGENT PLANNING – mechanism for fast and intelligent planning time for all units,
- Module examinations and courses - accountancy and control of all research news, training-term,
- Module teams / groups - management crews / teams and their composition and skills,
- Reporting module - fast access to reports based on the collected time record,
- Module ZKF – timesheet workers on civil contracts,
- The module invoices - electronic records of invoices for work done on the basis of earned time,
- Management module access to the system - manage access rights to the system and its users,
- Access control management module - eSK.INTEGRA - Co-operation with proximity card readers and biometric as the presence of the recording equipment and working hours of employees,
- Concierge Module - recording events related to the access of workers to the workplace,
- HR Integration Module - integration with HR and payroll to export information to real-time work and reducing the time calculating wages,

Depending on the needs of our customers the system is adapted to the right modules. Given that the company is eSoftKing full ownership of the system, we are able to prepare any functionality according to your expectations.

The company provides services eSoftKing complex and therefore also offers its customers support devices running time registration and access control management. We offer a wide range of proximity card readers and biometric readers , which use additional identification at the level of the fingerprint, face identification and scan the veins. We also offer delivery and installation of access turnstiles and other access devices .

We invite you to view a list of products currently offered by eSoftKing - PRODUCTS .

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